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Welcome to Råå Konstruktionsplast AB

Project Rejection Water (NSVA)

Together with Håkan Lindqvist (Operation Manager at NSVA-Helsingborg), we developed and conducted a pilot project at the reed water plant in Helsingborg. This part of the treatment plant demanded constant maintenance due to corrosion problems and the strong formation of struvites, which often led to stops and disturbances in operation. After nine months of error-free…

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We specialize in designing, manufacturing and assembling industrial plastic components - from complete processing plants and piping systems to laboratory equipment. Many of our customers are active in chemical industry, energy and environmental technology, pharmaceuticals, water treatment and bathing facilities. Common to all is that they demand high-quality constructions and technical solutions. We have extensive experience and flexibility in plastic processing and are certified by the Swedish Gas Association for all types of plastic welding.

Råå Konstruktionsplast was founded in 1978 by Jan Lindberg, who has been active in the industry since the late 1950s. We have a modern machinery and a mobile workshop for different types of external work. With the help of our partners in metal construction, construction and painting, we take part in both small and large projects.